ATH Max16 - General description

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ATH Max 16 Universal Testing Machine 
3000/300/20 kN

Automatic Universal Testing 
Machine with two test chambers  for compression-bending-tensile tests according …EN 196,EN 1338-44,EN 12 390 and  ASTM C 39, C78, C 109, C 293 ,C 1550,C 1399C 1399M standards .
Equipped for force-displacement (path) and deformation closed loop controlled tests.

Load frame:
Six columns load frame with very rigid design an extremely high longitudial and lateral stiffnes to keep the material expansion as low as 
possible for the first specimen fracture.
The columns are crome plated , screwed free from play to the machine foot and head, cut from solid, all bearing surfaces are mechanically machined.

Test chamber 1:
For compression tests according DIN 51 302-2, EN 12 390-4 and ASTM C39, C78, C293, C1550, C1399C/M class 1, straintest execution
Test Cylinder is hardened and micro finished ,bearing surface ground.

Piston stroke limitation by end-switches , piston protection made of sheet steel against dirt  
with integrated displacement control  LVTD
Pressure plates dimensions  560 x 420 x 80 mm

Machined all sides , hardness 60HRC, both sides face ground
Lower pressure plate with 
90° centerlines  and centering- rings, diameter 102 mm, 152 mm, 162 mm, 202 mm.
The upper pressure plate is spherically ball oil seated to allow inclination to 3° with enough clearance for the center force and fixation  
within the required tolerances.
TEST load max  3000 kN
Total measuring 
range 0-3000 kN , force measurement by means of oil pressure transducer
Measuring range according class 1 (30 -3000) kN
Measuring accuracy: 0,1 kN
Test chamber height: 420 mm

Test chamber width:
460 mm
Test chamber depth: 600 mm

Max piston stroke: 200 mm
Piston stroke accuracy: 0,01 mm

Test chamber 2:
For compression-bending and tensile tests according EN 196, ISO EN 6892  
and ASTM C109, standard
Double acting piston  for 300 kN compression tests  and 200 kN tensile tests.
at the upper cross head.
With integrated displacement control , LVDT
Piston is hardened and micro finished 
protected against rotation, bearing surface ground.
Piston stroke limitation by end switches , piston protection against dirt.
300 kN electronic load cell with strain gauges for accurate measurements.
Lower working table with two T-slots 90°

Center clamping device for compression and tensile tests

Testequipment consisting of two lower supports with rollers  und upper sword for three point bending tests according standard
Pressure plates with upper spherical ball seat
Electronic load cells for small forces  such as ( 10- 25 -50 ) kN
Max compression load
: 300 kN
Max tensile force: 200 kN
Measuring range compression : 0-300 kN
Measuring range tensile: 
0-200 kN
Measuring range class 1: compression 
3 - 300 kN , tensile 2 - 200 kN
Piston stroke max: 500 mm
Piston accuracy: 0,01 mm
Distance between columns: 700 mm

Test chamber depth: 600 mm, extentible to 1200 mm (optional)

Protective grid:

CE conform, four macrolon doors mounted on aluminium profile with electric safety switches. The testing machine works only with closed door.

PC control panel
( drive station)
Connected with the machine pedestal, mounted 
below to drive the test plant in 19“- housing , PC with monitor screen , with  key board on console at convenient working heigth, front and rear door.
Measurements: (wxdxh) 600 x 636 x 1600 mm

Hydraulic aggregate with oil tank

Installed in the 19“ control panel below , micro filter with mechanic dirt display, radial piston high pressure pump and silent internal gear pump for fast stroke

Dump manifold ( fuel jettison) for 3000 kN piston

Fast stroke for 3000 kN piston with 200 mm/min

Oil tank: 60 liter

oil pressure: 360 bar
Electromotor: 2,2 kW
Moog servol valve for closed loop controlled operations


EDC580V/Servo Measurement and control electronics for testing instruments in a box without display/keyboard and with internal servovalve amplifier 5-300mA.
This device includes all functions which are necessary to drive and control a testing instrument.
Incremental measurement as position measurement.
Even in the stand-alone-operation-mode, the transducer signals and the results are displayed digitally by the Basic Software. Information about the connected transducers is read back via the sensor plugs in order to identify the transducers and get them calibrated automatically at switch-on of the instrument. A calibration routine in 12 steps to get the instrument calibrated by an authorized institution is included.
Programming of the EDC is done via keyboard and display of the RMC7.
Multifunctional digital potentiometer
for data entry and for driving the crosshead, etc (RMC7).
Ethernet RJ45 connector for communication with a PC.

Digital control output with direct controlling of a servo valve amplifier within the EDC-housing for valves with up to 300mA nominal current, dither signal is adjustable.
4FAD, Amplifier with fast A/D-conversion, 5kHz excitation.
Carrier-frequency-measurement-amplifier for DMS and LVDT transducers (1.16 - 1625 mV/V) and analog signals.  Excitation 5kHz, fast A/D-converter ±180.000 steps at 20ms average time, linearity 0.01%, accuracy 0.025%, delay time < 0.5msec, filter 1kHz, sampling rate up to 5,000Hz, suitable for static and dynamic applications.

Remote Machine Control
RMC7 Remote machine control with Emergency Stop, DigiPoti and display.
Remote machine control with 15 keys for digital control of the instrument and for programming; emergency stop; DigiPoti for X-head- and cylinder movement; status-LEDs and LCD-display. The RMC7 offers the same functions as the EDC580, incl. cable (3m) for the connetion to the EDC and magnetic foil for the fixation at a testing instrument.



T&M was developed in a modular design. It consists of the basic software containing a simple but adaptable tension/compression test and different modules for almost all kinds of testing applications. The special module Free Programming offers the possibility to design tests individually.All sorts of signal sources can be displayed. Load, position and strain are standard, but other transducers or calculated results can be displayed, also. Sample diameter, temperature, scales etc. are possible as well as results via I/Os.
Variables are shown as curve in X- or Y-direction or listed digitally. Furtheron, you have the possibility to: change the names of the variables (e.g. load or F), zoom the grafic several times and store remarks within the grafic.If a bigger view of the curve is needed, the graphic window can be drawn up to screen size. Due to the organization in single windows, you do have the possibility, to move important values to a point where you can still see them.
Basic - The basic software with a simple tension/compression test!
-User surface for all T&M modules
-The test can be adapted to almost all kinds of applications
-User surface; parameter input and storage; graphic X/Y-display on-linePossible -X- and Y-axis quantities: load, stress, X-head travel, strain, technical strain, time (from test start), true strain, nominal strain, time and defined signal input
-Determination of five values on the X- or Y-axis, maximum, breach as X- and Y-value. Corresponding determination of values for compression tests.
-Adaptation to LIMSystems
-Statistic functions: mean value, min/max value, range, median, standard deviation, practical limit of error, aso.
-Display of all data sent by the instrument: load, X-head travel, strain and defined signal input
The Application Modules - the perfect Module for each Application!
-Metal tension/compression- and bending tests
-Continuing tearing-, separation-, peeling test
-3-point-/4-point-bending test
-Plastics test acc. to DIN, ASTM D etc.
-Textile tensile test acc. to DIN
-Cyclic ring stiffness- and pipe pressure tests acc. to ISO 9969
-Adaptable tests: seam shifting resistance, spring test, cyclic load, 3 integral, ball indentation hardness, compression stress, calibration of load transducers aso.
-And many more.
Overall -dimensions testplant

Machine width:
2200 mm
Machine depth: 600 mm
Working height:
700 mm
Total machine height: 2010 mm
Total weight appr.: 5000 kg

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